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Selling Tips

Handy Tips For Selling Your Home

Selling one's home can be a daunting thought but Wilkinsons Real Estate Agencies is here to help, every step of the way.  Wilkinsons know the value of true understanding and empathy. Our team are more than happy to help you through the stages of buying and selling. So, when it comes to selling your home, what things should you focus on?

  • When is best?
  • Three methods of sale: Which is best for me?
  • Styling for a sale
  • Keeping your privacy private

Styling For A Sale:

The key to styling for a successful sale is simple; de-personalise, de-clutter and say to yourself "less is more"!

When a buyer enters your home, they will be asking themselves "could I live here?". Potential buyers will be walking through the home and imagining family meals and evening family times in your home. This is often refered to as "emotional appeal" and at times can be the most heavily weighted justification to purchase property. When it comes to selling your home, this is exactly what you want to encourage.

However, this will not work if the house is cluttered with your personal possessions, family heir-looms or knick-knacks. This will distract the buyer from focusing on that emotional pull. A buyer wants to see empty space. They want to imagine themselves filling the spaces with their own personal possessions and memories.

A similiar approach should be applied to furniture. Remember, less is more. It's all about creating open spaces.

Think of de-cluttering and de-personalising as a handy way to kick start the packing process.

Make sure there are no odours in the house. Open windows will create a naturally lit environment but also a well ventilated one.

Keep it tidy. Keeping the home clean and presentable will benefit you in the long run. Keep in mind that cleanliness must extend beyond the inside of the house. Gardens and lawn must be neat and tidy.

Check your repair to-do list and finish off any odd jobs around the home.

Once the home is clutter free and sparkling on the inside and out, you may like to consider hiring a property stylist. The stylist will look after the finishing touches of your home. Having a stylist produces proven results at the conclusion of a sale and is recommended as a worthwhile investment.

Keeping Your Privacy Private:

Now your home is ready to open its doors to the public and begin the process of selling your home! One thing that is generally overlooked as a priority at such a busy time is maintaining your privacy.

During times of open homes and inspections, it is a good idea to discretely remove any personal items, that could potentially put your privacy at risk.

Three Methods Of Sale: Which Is Best For Me?

The most common methods of sale include private treaty, public auction or public tender. Each slightly differs with various benefits and advantages to each. Our team is familiar with all three methods of sale.

Private treaty sale is where the property is put onto the market with an asking price as set by the vendor with the agents advice. A private treaty sale can benefit the vendor by allowing more time to consider offers and giving them control over setting the asking price. Most buyers feel more comfortable when they have a set price to work with as it gives an idea of the vendor's expectations. However this may also be a disadvantage if the vendor sets their sights on an unrealistic asking price. Buyers may be scared away or if the asking price is set too low, the property will sell quickly but it will be at the vendor's expense.

Here at Wilkinsons Real Estate Agencies, we believe in supporting our vendors and allowing them to make informed decisions by providing firsthand knowledge and advice. We will give you time to make these important decisions and choices.

Auction is where there is no asking price. Instead, potential buyers make offers for the property at a set time and date under the terms and conditions of the vendors contract. This is controlled by an auctioneer. Usually the highest bidder becomes the purchaser unless the reserve price or minimum price was not met. Auctions are appealing to vendors as it creates a set deadline for which the sale is to occur. Competition is created on the day which urges buyers to pay their maximum and commit to an unconditional contract. If the reserve price is not met the vendor can choose not to sell.

Wilkinsons Real Estate has had many successful auctions in the past. Our team is well equipped with the know-how and experience to Agencies deliver the best results come auction day.

Sale by tender is a popular method for industrial, commercial or exceptionally unique properties. There is no asking price. The sale is put forth on the suggested terms and conditions set by the vendor. This is laid out in tender documents along with the property's details. Potential buyers are invited to make offers attached with their own conditions. There is a due date for all tender documents to be submitted. Once this occurs all offers are considered and the vendor can pick and choose who will purchase their property. Generally the vendor will consider the offer made by interested parties, along with their intentions on their property and any other conditions they may have. Once a purchaser is selected, all deposits are refundable to the unsuccessful tenders.

When Is Best?

As the Hawkesbury is considered a tourist destination hot spot, especially over holiday periods, selling during this time may be of particular advantage. If you are selling a property close to the Hawkesbury River or if your property is river frontage, summer months could also prove successful for you. This is a great example of using the seasons to your advantage. Another example would be if your home featured immaculate and beautifully crafted gardens, then it would best be advised to start marketing in spring time.

Nonetheless, serious buyers looking for great property are found all year round. Also, the shift in marketing has become more refined than in the past. This puts less pressure on you to sell at specific times of the year.